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Ezfeeda Original Fixed cup


The original and still still going strong

The original EZ Feeda that's still just as innovative as the day it was created. Its still as quiet as a normal catapult and has unbelievable accuracy. You will amaze yourself at the accuracy achievable with this superb one-handed catapult or as we like to call it a Monopult! There is a little ring that slides up & down the arm to determine the distance & once this as been established, it will aim continuously to the exact spot up to a 16 meter range. This is ideal for the pole angler being single handed. The Ezfeeda, although excellent for pole use is just as useful for stick float or waggler fishing. The Ezfeeda has been designed to be as small, lightweight and as quiet as possible, it will fire all loose feed groundbait and boilies. The EZ feeder comes fitted with a standard power band but there is also an option to purchase an additional High powered band or spares for £2.00 or 3 for £5, which can easily be fitted and also a rest which will attach to your bank stick, seat box etc keeping your catapult always close at hand.

 The EZ Feeda should be used with the cup in the underneath lower position and has a distant stop fitted to the shaft for accurate feeding. This stop should never be closer than 5cm from the end bung as the EZ Feeda has been designed to give maximum power in this position, and to leave this 5cm for comfortable handling. However it is possible to achieve about 1 metre more distance by moving your arm forward as the EZ Feeda is fired. Unlike earlier models, the new EZ Feeda is as quiet as a normal catapult. Many anglers realise one of the keys to successful catch results is regular feeding with the correct amount of feed. And whether match fishing or pleasure, this single-handed feeder is a brilliant tool, especially when fishing up in the water, with pellet etc. As feeding whilst playing a fish, fools the other fish that every-thing is normal and the single-handed operation of the EZ Feeda is great for this. Although the EZ Feeda has been designed for loose feed, it will in fact accurately fire a carp bait 40-50 yards and can also be used for ground bait. The cup can be pushed into your ready mixed ground bait without soiling your hands.

Pole Cup accuracy can be acheived which the ease and speed of the ezfeeda without the hassle of keep having to fill pole cups.


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Postage for EU is £7

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