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Ezfeeda Cypricat


New version for 2017!

Massively improved with better accuracy and performance the 2017 Cypri Cat is a must for all carp anglers! It's not a catapult or throwing stick but a accurate boilie delivering machine that requires very little practice to become spot on accurate!

Will fire a boilie well up to 100 yards with pin point accuracy every time thanks to the power band located on the firing shaft. Just check out the reviews this precision device has received and you will see just how useful a tool the Cypri Cat is!

The rear lower barrel is adjustable on the the cypri-cat to accomodate different arm lengths. To adjust first slide the distance stop fully forward, then pull lower rear barrel out a few inches, until it rest on your slide, (when in firing position) and then roll the distance stop to secure the lower barrel. A right handed person should hold the cypri - cat in the left hand hand with rear barrel against his right side and pointing upwards at aprox 40 degrees, leaving the right hand to load a boilie one at a time and then firing. By holding about 8 boilies at a time, in the right hand, it is possible to fire at about 1 per second, as the cup returns to the loading position immediately. Everybody tends to fire a catapult there own way, and a left hand person would be a reverse of the above.

The front cap is cosmetic and can be pulled off to replace the carriage, or for repairs. The O Ring now used for the pull, should be squeezed  between finger and thumb and pulled back along the barrel. Do not put a finger in the O Ring , as this can result in pulling the carriage off the barrel . The elastic can be changed by removing a front peg with Cypricat written on it, by easing out with a flat screwdriver. It is a good idea to slightly wet the end of the peg when replacing


Postage for the UK is £10.00

Postage for the EU is £20.00

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