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Easy Over Egg Turner Cooking Spatula

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EASY OVER EGG TURNER HELPS YOU TURN / FLIP OVER EGGS KEEPING THEM INTACT - cooking breakfast becomes so much easier with the Easy Over

NO HOT OIL SPLASHES - no need to flick / splash hot oil around the pan anymore, no more messy hob to clean

ANGLED HEAD TO PROTECT THE EGG YOLK - Easy Over Egg Turner has been designed to protect most egg yolks, enabling you to pick up a fried egg, turn over and release back into the pan. The yolk can then be served to your liking.

2 IN 1 - PERFECT FOR SERVING ALL TYPES OF FOODS. Easy Over Egg Turner is ideal for serving all types of food, fish, meat, chips, burgers the list is endless. Great all round kitchen utensil.

EASY TO USE EASY OVER - if you like your eggs over easy, no messy oil splashed hob, 2 in 1 kitchen utensil, you wont be disappointed with the EASY OVER EGG TURNER

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