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If you have any commments about Ezfeeda products, please let us know

Thank You

Both myself and my husband both use the ezfeeder and luv how easy it is especially one handed. And I am more accurate with this than a catapult set the distance elastic and away you go easy easy. I use usually for pellets and out of the cup they group nice and tight round the float if I throw out with my hand they spray all over the place but not with the ezfeeder most times a nice tight circle off pellets. Well done good product.


Lady Angler

I took the Cypri Cat to my local water and let various anglers fire out boilies to their hearts content. The verdict - a resounding thumbs up. With a marker set at 80 yards each angler in turn dropped a 20mm boilie within five feet of the target. The cup, which will accept 14mm to 24mm boilies, returns to the same loading position every time for rapid firing. If you damage the Cat in any way replacement parts can be obtained using the order form in the packaging.

Bob Roberts


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