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Why Us?

We are a family run business who have designed and manufactured the Ezfeeda single handed bait feeder, which is fitted with a distance adjuster for greater bait firing accuracy. We pride ourselves on good customer service and quality products, which are all sourced and produced in the UK.

Please see our customer reviews or contact us with any enquiries.

Ezfeeda Ltd

Ezfeeda is the brainchild of club and match angler Barry Hemmings and is brilliant for use with both rod and pole fishing. Its lightweight and easy to use, and has non-tangle elastics.

As the Ezfeeda is a monopult design, which enables the angler to use one hand to load and fire bait, allowing you to keep your other hand on the fishing rod or pole, and continue feeding their swim!


  • Set the distance adjuster.
  • Load the Bait Cup.
  • Pull back elastic aim and fire!!

Setting the Distance Adjuster ensures your bait is fired accurately every time, no bait wasted. The Ezfeeda is the best baiting system on the market for every kind of angler!

So get an extra hand - Get an Ezfeeda!  

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