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Who We Are

Ezfeeda is the brainchild of club and match angler Barry Hemmings and is brilliant for use with both rod and pole.  We have sold literally thousands of these superb wonder Monopult's.  The reason for this is the simplicity and ease of use.

As the Ezfeeda's are a Monopult construction, this enables the angler to use one single handed allowing the user to keep a hand on their rod or pole as well as feeding their swim!


  • Set the power band to the level you want to fire your bait to.
  • Load the Bait Cup with your free offerings.
  • Put the Duplon Body Cap into waist.
  • Pull back and fire.

Because the Power Adjuster band is set you only have to worry  about the direction you want to fire your free bait offerings to not the amount of wellie you want to give it thus making the Ezfeeda the best baiting system on the market for match, coarse or specimen angler!

So get an extra hand - Get an Ezfeeda!